While digital marketing channels have been key for fashion brands over the past few years, it was only a matter of time before those channels also became important for the beauty industry. Consumers are discovering products on mobile, shopping online and spending less time in stores than ever before. In the new, digital-first age, what beauty PR and marketing trends are doing best for the beauty industry?

Curated Social Content

It’s a no-brainer to have great, engaging content on social channels. What’s also important though, is to tap already existing customer base to gather curated content for your channel. Most likely your followers are going to want to see how other customers are wearing your product, so why don’t you show them? In Vietnam, there are some beauty bloggers such as Quỳnh Anh Shyn, Mailovesbeauty, Beauty by Chloé,… regularly share content created by theirself, showing their followers the many different ways to use products they may be thinking about buying.

Online Virtual Experiences

With less consumers actually making the trek to purchase a product in-store, websites have to be better equipped to tackle problems normally handled in-store. Want to find out how a particular shade of foundation will look on you? Trying to find the perfect concealer? With beauty brands adding a virtual experience layer to their sites, it’s become easier for consumers to answer these questions while surfing the web.

Lancôme is one of the bigger beauty brands that has invested in virtual tech to help their customers find just what they’re looking for. If you’d like to make sure your customers are getting exactly what they want, consider adding a virtual layer.

Influencer Collaborations

As with the fashion industry, the beauty industry too benefits from collaborations with influencers. Take a look at L’Oreal Vietnam & Primmy Truong, Prettymuch Channel in #mattemagic campaign; Miracle Apo & Chang Makeup; Acnes & Khoi My, Nicky Khanh Ngoc & Dior, Channel…  With all of these collaborations, influencers were able to hype all of their respective followers about the product as well as their friends, many of whom are also influencers. Suddenly, you’ve got extra millions of followers knowing about your product, buying your product and hopefully becoming a repeat customer.


Personalization + Authenticity

With the digital revolution comes smarter consumers. Consumers and followers don’t want to just see your products in the best light possible, they want to feel the personality behind the brand. They want to see brand voice, understand it and connect. Consumers can smell fake advertising from a mile away nowadays, so put your best foot forward and spend some time defining your brand. What makes you unique? Who is the type of consumer that you’re targeting? What does an average day look like for them? What do they care about? What are these values and how can you showcase them to your audience? These are all important questions when finding your brand’s authentic voice.

Digital marketing channels are revolutionizing how the beauty industry markets and projects to customers. Much like the fashion industry, there’s a lot of new hurdles and new territory to be conquered, but there are plenty of ways to come out on top of the marketing game. Several brands in the beauty industry are already succeeding with digital marketing, so when in doubt, take a look at the competition. It’s time to put your best digital foot forward.

Source : Internet, Edit: PM